Best way to access the american Netflix is by a VPN

Netflix USA is getting more popular each day by the Canadian people.
The quality is amazing because of the large available movies and series, however these cannot be accessed by the Canadian. If you access the USA website you will be automatically switched over to the Canadian Netflix, this is something Netflix won’t allow you to do. Its simple each country has its own TV shows and movies according to Netflix, but the fact is the USA has 6462 titles against 5016 titles from Canada. Is this the only reason to access it in Canada?
No, there are many popular shows and movies that people want to add to their library, which simple cant in their own country.


The best option to access Netflix USA in a different country
There are many ways to access it in a different country, a lot websites will tell you to use a free VPN. This is a way we don’t recommend because it won’t be a stable connection to watch the series/movies, there are millions of people together accessing it through one IP address. Talking about the best option would be to go to , this website would explain a long term and cheap way to access your favorite titles in America. The difference between this website and a free VPN is huge according to many people that leaved their positive feedback on the website. The website offers you a cheap plan that will give you an unique IP address to access the website, this address would be only available to you. Because of the uniqueness and the strong VPN it will stabilize a good connection to watch any title at any time. It’s the best VPN currently available and it won’t cost you that much, it has even a money back guarantee option if you are not satisfied with the use of it.





So if you are still wondering if it’s legal to access Netflix USA in Canada by a good VPN the answer to this is , absolutely !
The only thing you are changing is the location by a different IP address, now you can finally watch your favorite titles in Canada, only in Canada?
No, you will have access to any Netflix country since you can create a stable connection with any country and access it whenever you like, this means you can also watch it on your smartphone, TV , tabs etc, and remember don’t spend to much hours !



Watch the video below for the great iBoy trailer

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Echo of Cinema

It is always a great thing when we have a possibility to have some insights from movie directors, actors and other members of the movie set. Exceptionally, when we have something from the great people of Cinema history, which describes their own work. For a long period of time, dialogues with the great artist are a resort of a creation, which bring us much closer to the director.

In the history of making movies, many of directors had left some great interviews, which stay as a small pieces of the magic that has come into our possession. I remember how I felt when I realized how the actors cry and that was a huge reveal for me that I wanted to laugh. Mint spray. That is how this is done, technically. Of course, it is up to actor to give “the other side of his tears”.

Also, there are so many articles about cinema that are written by some of these great people, sometimes in their memoirs and sometimes for the film industry magazines. And we have found one interesting part of Charlie Chaplin’s interview.

‘’ I felt very tired when we came to London.  We had shooting at a studio and I wasn’t feeling ready for it. I was far away from my Hollywood studio, where I was the spoiled child who is crying about his things before every new movie I have to shoot.”

“Everybody look like Englishmen, and the fact that I am an Englishman, made me feel lonelier. I missed the Hollywood where we all are one big family. They know me and they can wait for me. I think that they even treat me as a patient in a hospital.”

“The saddest moment is when you have to shoot a comedy movie. On the set, you will find only dark and gloomy faces.”

“Those parts of the movie, which create a laughter between sets, usually don’t get the same moment with public, and opposite, when the people inside of cinema have a good laughter, the crew on the set didn’t find anything amusing about their hard work”.

“Totally opposite thing happen when actors are involved into one drama piece. Then you can notice how they are all polite after shooting, feeling satisfied with the fact that they are still alive and well. On comedy set, actors just want to hide away.”

We all know who Charlie Chaplin is and what he meant to Comedy genre in the period between the wars. He was one of the pioneers and great innovators in the movie industry.  The man who have written and directed dozens of the great comedy movies, and one of the founders of slapstick comedy genre.

Unfortunately, Charlie Chaplin was also an example of how the industry changes can sometimes be fatal for artist. When the time of silent movie has passed, Charley couldn’t be the same quality director as before. He was the last great all-rounder artist of the silent movie era.

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Cinema-the Lost Power of the Masses

Today cinema or movie industry is something that is constantly present in our lives, more than ever before. But, from the beginning of cinema industrialization, people fell in love with this new art. From brothers Limier, until the directors, actors, screenplays writers and others that are behind of the movie screen these days, film and cinema went through their own development.  From pure attraction to complete industry and art. From silent or black and white movie to color movie and great 3D spectacle. How did this pure miracle of art come into this world and change things like any other medium couldn’t, is not something that we cannot easily answer. But also, it still remains so mystique and unique after many years of efforts to understand the power that movie and cinema have.

If we look at the history of its own developing, then we can see so many interesting aspects that bond between cinema and movie had shaped in some way the history of the world. We know that in the late twenties and thirties, the bond between these two moments had great power in controlling masses and giving significances to political struggle and fight. For that, we can take examples in documentary movies created for National-social party propaganda in Germany, which had given Hitler that kind of power in a short period of time, or ideology movie in SSSR that tried to give the ideal picture of life in communist society. On the other hand, we have the same examples in Hollywood which had created the myth of Wild West and the original macho idea of the American heroes in action movies.

All this shows the power that movie and cinema acquired over the time. But how to distinguish and separate power of the movie from a power that cinema creates? Is it even possible to separate those two things?

There are some points of social view, which some great philosophers offered us. One of these views is about the power of cinema and masses. It is all about the effect that cinema gives to the crowd. That means that cinema can be the moment that can connect people through a creation of same mood (for what is right or what is wrong) and give power for changing the world around them. These masses were touched by an idea that they were capable of creating a strong social movement that could lead to a political struggle for particular part of society, working class for example.

CinemaBut that was back then when cinema had a much greater role in society. And what now, with fast downloads and gadgets that give us an opportunity to stay at  homes, far away from other peoples, safely guarded by our own privacy? Did cinema lost a battle against its motion picture twin, or did it create some sort of power, outside of the box office? Or it is just a place for creating money for those people that live far away from reality, in the time of endless possibilities, unaware of social problems of today? 

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